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How to Take the Perfect Engagements | Rachel + Cody

I don’t know about you but I love getting a couple’s gallery in my inbox. I mean come on, take a look at Rachel and Cody’s engagements by The Cotton Collective! There is no way you can look at these and doubt their love for one another. Spring Engagement Photos

One thing we have noticed throughout the years is that a lot of our brides have the same questions about taking their engagement photos. So to help out all the newly engaged couples we wanted to ask our “Friendor” Becki Smith, owner of Smith House Photography, for the best advice on all your questions!

Spring Engagement PhotosHow far in advance should you schedule your engagements?

Scheduling your engagement portraits truly depends on what you hope to use them for! If you are wanting to use photos on your save-the-dates, we recommend scheduling your session as soon as you book your photographer. If not, you can schedule any time from when you get engaged until the week of your wedding. Some of our favorite engagement sessions have even been the week of the wedding! Talk to your photographer about your portraits and decide on the right time together.

Spring Engagement Photos

Is there a perfect time of the year to take them?

We love spring + fall — the trees are filled with their beautiful leaves, flowers are blooming, and of course in Texas you might actually get a day under 80 degrees.

Spring Engagement PhotosI know one question we get asked quite a bit by our brides is what to wear for their session?

We aim for two outfits during engagement portraits; one more formal and one more casual. Our absolute favorite combination is a girl in a dress + heels and a gent in a sport coat.Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement PhotosAny certain colors that should be avoided?

Make sure to avoid neons! We also like to proceed with caution for reds and yellows. It isn’t because we don’t love them as colors, but rather because they tend to reflect colored light and can leave your skin looking extra red or extra yellow.

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement PhotosWhat do you think about the use of props? (signs, food, etc…)

Because we aim to capture the connection between you and your fiancé, we recommend leaving the props at home. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Just think long and hard about what props you are thinking of and whether they are truly meaningful. For instance, a family heirloom quilt or a piece of your proposal story can add to your engagement portraits. However, banners or props that are trendy and tend to take away from capturing you as a couple.

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement Photos

Spring Engagement PhotosIs there anything that couples tend to forget about their engagements?

Couples tend to forget that their engagement portraits should be FUN. It can be tempting to try to fit in your engagement session wherever you can — during a busy weekend or rushing after work before sunset. But if you are run down or stressed out before your engagement portraits, you will feel it when you see your final images. We love when our couples take the day leading up to their engagement portraits to have a stress-free date day, relax with each other, and get excited about your portraits. Go for a mani/pedi (yes, even the groom-to-be! Ryan can attest that pedicures are heavenly!). Get your hair and make-up done. Have lunch together. Just relax, enjoy the day, and come to your session excited and stress-free.

Spring Engagement Photos


Photography: The Cotton Collective

Advice Specialist: Becki Smith with Smith House Photography

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