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For Type A list-makers and go-getters who want to pass the torch on their wedding day, event management is the perfect fit. You'll receive assistance tying up loose ends and finalizing your details. We create wedding day timelines and diagrams, as well as provide a lead wedding planner and assistant for your wedding day production. You plan your wedding and we make sure you, your bridal party, and your family get to enjoy it without having to run ragged or stress.

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Brides with bursting schedules who know they need wedding planning support from start to finish are the perfect fit for our full-service package. We help you book all of your must-haves with vendors who match your wedding wishes to a ‘T’ and help you stay on budget. You remain in control and are informed with up-to-date information. You receive customized design based on your creative sessions with us, so your wedding vision becomes a remarkable reality. From researching and setting up meetings with vendors to preparing guest welcome bags, we make sure your wedding vision becomes an experience you and your fiancé remember for the rest of your lives.

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~Katherine Holt, Bride

than they have ever seen a planner do for a bride.

way more

throughout the year of planning i kept hearing over and over from our vendors how lindsay was doing 

Yes! Custom payment plans are available.

+ do you offer payment plans?

The most important thing to remember about your venue coordinator is that she is in charge of everything that happens inside the venue. You'll get a list of their preferred vendors, and a great timeline but the venue coordinator looks out for the venue. A wedding planner looks out for you.

+ My venue has a coordinator. Can I solely rely on her?

Of course not! A wedding planner's job is to come alongside you and take the burden off of your shoulders. You cast the vision and we do the research, leg work, and coordination necessary to make it happen.

+ Will i lose control of my wedding?

It's fun to daydream about the bonding you, your family, and friends will do planning your wedding, but the truth is - the daydream usually never goes as planned. It's great to bond over some to-do's, but consider how nice it would be having your friends and family actually enjoy the journey of your wedding - stress free.

+ Do you think i'll be able to get away with having my mom or my friends help?