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Celebrating Seven Years of Marriage | Lindsay + Dane

I’ve been with my husband for a decade. A decade. To be completely honest, I’ve been his for 12 years but it took me 2 years to realize I was in love with him and agree to make it official. Stubborn much? He, on the other hand, has always known and been confident in us. I admire that about him.

Yesterday was our 7 year wedding anniversary. If you know our story you know that 2017 was rough for us. So this anniversary isn’t just celebrating our marriage. It’s a celebration of survival, of never giving up, of God’s grace and sovereignty. In honor of the mountain we moved I wanted to write a letter to my strong and goofy husband highlighting all the things I love about him….and some of the things that drive me crazy but I can’t live without.

**WARNING: Mushy post ahead.**

Wedding Anniversary


I have loved you for 12 years. Some days I regret not listening to you when you told me you were going to marry me (after only knowing each other for a month). Instead of responding to you with nervous laughter I wish I would’ve said, “Let’s do it!” I would’ve loved to have seen the look on your face. You probably would’ve called my bluff.

But I think this was God’s plan all along, for us to be best friends first. I think He knew we would go through incredibly hard seasons and we would need that friendship to lean on. I think He knew that while we may want to give up on our spouse, we would never give up on our friend and that has made all the difference. You have made all the difference.

wedding anniversay

I love you.

I love that you didn’t really drink until you were 21 because that was the rule and even on your 21st birthday you ended up being the designated driver for your friends.

Wedding Anniversary

I love that you didn’t need to be the life of the party in college. You were happy to sit quietly next to me on a couch and talk.

I love that you left a typical college life behind to spend precious time with your mom during cancer treatment.

Wedding annniversary

You eat food at a painfully slow rate but if I was the last one eating I’d feel rushed so I love that you take the pressure off.

I love that you make me dance with you in the middle of a crowded department store just because a fun song comes on.

wedding anniversary

Your piercing green eyes still make my knees weak.

I love that you have no idea how good looking you anniversary

I love that when you laugh hard, really hard, you hit your hand on your knee and your eyes water.

Your stubble all over the bathroom sink drives me insane but I’d miss it if it were gone.

wedding anniversary

I love that our dog gets on your last nerve but you secretly love her.

wedding anniversary

I love that you aren’t afraid to make a complete fool of yourself in public just to make Finn smile.

wedding anniversary

As annoying as it is that you still talk to Finn in a baby voice, I’m going to miss it when this phase of our lives is over.

wedding anniversary

I love that you made me feel beautiful in mesh post-partum panties.

wedding anniversary

I love that your extroverted personality perfectly compliments my introverted one.

wedding anniversary

I love that you’d voluntarily clean up a diaper explosion, despite gagging the whole time, just to let me rest.

wedding anniversary

I love that I wash and you dry.

wedding anniversary

I love that you kiss me first in the morning despite our morning breath.

wedding anniversary

I love that you wait up for me to get home every time I’m at a wedding.

wedding anniversary

I love that you’re the very best dad. Literally the best.

wedding anniversary

I love that you’re almost 33 years old but still order grape slushies at Sonic.

wedding anniversary

I love that insects give you the heebie geebies but you still kill them so I don’t have to. 

wedding anniversary

I love that you always make the first move even when you stand a 50/50 chance of getting shot down…ok, ok 60/40 chance.

wedding anniversary

I love that you know how hard self-care is for me so you encourage me to rest and sometimes force me too.

wedding anniversary

I love that you know me better than anyone and sometimes better than I know myself.  


wedding anniversary

I love that we have seen the ugliest sides of each other and keep choosing one another.

wedding anniversary

There’s no one better to do this life with.

wedding anniversary

Happy Anniversary.

I love you, Lucas. No Matter What.


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